Emerging Market Achieves Big Results: RM12.7 billion (USD2.95 billion) in Business Leads, 619,337 Visitors at Malaysia Pavilion

6 SEPTEMBER 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan - Malaysia has generated a total of RM12.681 billion (USD2.949 billion) in business leads with Kazakh companies and other parties, and received over 619,337 visitors at the Malaysia Pavilion throughout the 13 weeks of EXPO 2017.

Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Malaysia, Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili, said the total figure for potential trade and investment was garnered from 14 Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) signed and valued at RM5.046 billion (USD1.173 billion), as well as business matching sessions which received potential businesses valued at RM7.634 billion (USD1.775billion). This surpasses the RM1billion (USD232.6 million) initial trade and investment target that Malaysia had set for EXPO 2017.

The Memoranda of Understanding cover the areas of green technology cooperation, education, oil and gas, innovation, water and wastewater, and entrepreneurship, as well as an MoU to be signed tomorrow (Sept 7 2017) between Malaysia’s Accobiotech Sdn Bhd and Kazakhstan’s Medilab to market the former’s medical products in Kazakhstan.

Dr. Ongkili was speaking at a press conference following the Malaysia-Kazakhstan Energy Business Forum, which gathered over 200 government and business leaders from Malaysia and Kazakhstan for a vibrant discussion on how both countries can realise the progress made towards a world powered by Future Energy.

In terms of visitors, Malaysia Pavilion hosted 619,337 visitors as of yesterday (September 5, 2017), well surpassing its target of 200,000 visitors.

“The Malaysia Pavilion has achieved remarkable success, being among the top most visited pavilions and most active for business programmes at EXPO 2017. We clearly reaffirmed our commitment to Powering Green Growth and showcased that renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable practices must work in unison to create a green future,” he said.

“I am also proud to say that we proved leadership in Powering Green Growth can emanate from an emerging market. Our Pavilion was selected for Honourable Mention for Best Interpretation of Theme by the prestigious US-based Exhibitor Magazine, proving that inspiring future energy solutions does not have to come from just the developed markets. In fact, we have repeatedly made our voice heard at EXPO 2017 to encourage all nations to live up to our COP-21 pledges,” he continued.

Besides serious business programmes, Malaysia Pavilion also embarked on a social media campaign to reach out to the masses and invited the world to use their social power to inspire green growth conversations.

“I would like to thank all who provided their social power and created a Butterfly Effect emanating from EXPO 2017 that has so far reached over 20 million people around the world with green growth inspirations. A special thanks goes out to His Highness, Tengku Amir Shah ibni Sultan Idris Shah, Crown Prince of Selangor, for lending his social power, support and launching of the #MyButterflyEffect campaign earlier this year.”

The #MyButterflyEffect campaign is still ongoing and as launched at the start of EXPO 2017, Malaysia will add one watt of solar power for every social post with #MyButterflyEffect.

The Malaysia-Kazakhstan Energy Business Forum, which was held at The Ritz-Carlton Astana, carried a theme of “Realising Future Energy”. It set an aggressive agenda nothing short of documenting the realisation of the 13 weeks of EXPO 2017 dialogue and debate regarding the decisive impact that energy has on our future.

These conversations were the culmination of 13 weekly-themed talks, fora and dialogues held at the Malaysia Pavilion Business Centre, as well as other business activities including the Malaysia Energy Forum and Malaysia-Kazakhstan Business Forum.

During his closing remarks at the Forum, Dr. Ongkili expressed that the Forum was a clear representation of the success that Malaysia and Kazakhstan have had at EXPO 2017, outlining three outcomes that Malaysia would work towards to realise future energy.

“Malaysia will work with our Kazakhstan counterparts to realise the bold intent to achieve our mutually equivalent renewable energy generation mix target of 50% by 2050. To reach our goal, Malaysia has rolled our plans and programmes such as the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP) 2016-2025 to jumpstart an energy-efficient culture in the country,” he explained.

“We will also work to enhance and export green energy financing solutions underpinned by Islamic Finance principles.”

“Lastly, Malaysia will continue the momentum gained in trade ties with Kazakhstan by starting to realise the MoUs signed and partnerships made during EXPO 2017. I am very confident that both countries can work hand-in-hand to realise the common vision of a cleaner and brighter future for our next generation,” he continued.

EXPO 2017 comes to an end on 10 September 2017. Malaysia at EXPO 2017 is spearheaded by the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Malaysia and implemented by the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia), supported by its Title Sponsor, Tenaga Nasional Berhad. For more information about Malaysia at EXPO 2017, visit or