The Tourism and Business Week at the Malaysia Pavilion was also launched

10 JULY 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan - In a show of true Malaysian diversity and unity, the National Day of Malaysia was celebrated at the National Day Stage of the EXPO 2017 site to a full-house crowd of over 120 visitors. The energy of the celebration reverberated through the crowd as they witnessed a vibrant display of colours come to life, representing Malaysia’s unique Truly Asia cultural heritage, and joined in enthusiastically in waving mini Malaysian flags.

Since its Independence 60 years ago, Malaysia has transformed from a relatively small agricultural economy into one of the world’s most respectable emerging markets and culturally diverse countries. To celebrate this rich heritage, the Malaysia Day demonstrated at the international platform the “1Malaysia” and “Negaraku” spirit, capturing the essence of Malaysia’s unity in diversity approach to the nation’s potpourri of different cultures and religions.

A cultural troupe from the National Culture and Arts Department of Malaysia showcased the colourful dances and costumes of the different ethnic groups in Malaysia, to the delight of guests. The colourful event included a parade by official delegates from Malaysia and Kazakhstan who were ushered by dancers in traditional attires.

A visitor from Denmark who attended the Malaysia National Day celebration, Kim Greiner said, "We traveled from Denmark to Kazakhstan for EXPO 2017 and we landed in Malaysia! The incredibly beautiful culture and friendly faces truly reminds us of our memorable trip to Malaysia last year.”

Salima from Kazakhstan, another visitor at the celebration, commented, “The spirit of the Malaysia National Day celebration is amazing and energetic. I particularly loved the colourful dances that represent the different cultures of Malaysia.”

Gracing the celebration were Zhumagulov Aibatyr, Vice-Minister of National Economy, Kazakhstan; Dato’ Sri Senator S.K. Devamany, Acting Deputy Minister of Energy, Green Technology & Water Malaysia cum Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department; Datuk Ahmad bin Hj. Maslan, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia; Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, His Excellency Syed Mohamad Bakri Syed Abdul Rahman, Ambassador of Malaysia to the Republic of Kazakhstan, EXPO 2017 Pavilion commissioners, and senior officials.

The diversity in Malaysia extends to its cities and landscapes of lush rainforests, coastal plains, majestic mountains and tropical islands, making each State within Malaysia unique in its own way. Symbolising this geographical diversity, the celebration also had flag bearers carrying the flags of Malaysia’s 13 States and three Federal Territories in a parade of flags.

Acting Deputy Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Senator S.K. Devamany in his speech pointed out that Malaysia is a most successful plural society.

“While many countries are becoming plural with the massive migration taking place globally, Malaysia was born as a multi-ethnic nation 60 years ago. Unity has been our hallmark since our nation’s birth.”

“As in most countries with diverse populations, we had our fair share of trials and tribulations. However, instead of allowing our differences to tear us apart, we withstood it all to emerge as a harmonious nation that is poised for more success. It is the foresight of the leaders that had managed to successfully imbue the notion of “My Country” or Negaraku in each and every Malaysian. We are a living example of unity in motion.”

Vice-Minister of National Economy, Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhumagulov Aibatyr,, in his speech stated, “Kazakhstan regards Malaysia as an important strategic trade and economic partner among the countries of South-East Asia. Malaysia is a reliable and long-term foreign economic partner for us. We appreciate these relations and intend to strengthen it in the framework of the Working Groups on the Halal industry, Islamic finance, tourism, renewable energy, oil and gas and investment cooperation.”

While the vibrant colours of the cultural performances lit up the National Day Stage, one “colour” also dominated the Malaysia Pavilion: green or specifically, green energy. Easily distinguished by a large butterfly at the façade of the entrance, the Malaysia Pavilion, themed “Powering Green Growth”, showcases the country’s green growth capabilities.

“The Malaysia Pavilion is one of the top 10 most visited at EXPO 2017. We are pleased to have intrigued many visitors from Kazakhstan and other nations with our display of technologies as well as our vibrant cultures, crafts and culinary that are also featured. The Malaysia Pavilion truly demonstrates that we embrace progress and technologies sustainably, while at the same time value and preserve our heritage.”

In showcasing Malaysia’s unique culture and practice, guests were also given the experience of a Eid al-fitr Open House where they were treated to Malaysian food at the Malaysia Pavilion.

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia (MOTAC), Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin said, “Malaysia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, where its people live together in harmony. Our melting pot of cultures is what makes Malaysia, Truly Asia.”

During the celebration, the Tourism & Business Week was also launched at the Malaysia Pavilion area. Held from 10 to 14 July 2017, the themed-week will include the launching of Holiday and Shopping Packages by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture on 11 July as well as the Malaysia-Kazakhstan Business Forum organised by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry for 12 July.

Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia (MITI), Datuk Ahmad Hj Maslan said that EXPO 2017 is an excellent platform to develop potential trade and cooperation in the field of green energy between Malaysia and Kazakhstan, as well as the other EXPO participating countries.

“We hope the private sector in Malaysia will take the opportunity to leverage on this platform to create business relationships with key industry players,” he added.

In the evening, a Malaysia Day dinner was hosted by the Ambassador of Malaysia to the Republic of Kazakhstan, His Excellency Syed Mohamad Bakri Syed Abdul Rahman, where guests were served Malaysian cuisine at The Ritz-Carlton hotel here.

Emphasizing the nation’s commitment to powering green growth, Malaysia has pledged to add one watt of solar generation for every one social media post on Green Growth based on the simple question of “Watt If?” The 1 Post = 1 Watt pledge is a call-to-action to all EXPO 2017 nations and global citizens to share their Green Growth inspiration with the hashtag #Wattif and #MyButterflyEffect throughout EXPO2017.

Malaysia at EXPO 2017 is spearheaded by the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Malaysia and implemented by the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia).