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Flap Your Wings With Us
[Our contest is now closed, and the winners will be announced soon. Follow @EXPO17Malaysia on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to get updates. ]

Calling all citizens of the planet! In conjunction with EXPO 2017 Astana, Kazakhstan, we need your help to broadcast one message - #MyButterflyEffect. With a single voice, let’s unite and inspire others to spread awareness on the effects environmental issues have on our planet. Together, our thoughts and ideas can ripple out and make waves to bring about a change for a greener future.

One Watt, One Pledge

Sometimes, creating awareness and getting involved can be found in the simplest of acts. Join the movement with the #MyButterflyEffect campaign, a place where everyone can share inspiring stories and thoughts on environmental issues and how it can be improved.

These gestures won’t go unrecognised. Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia’s largest power generation company, has pledged to allocate 1 watt of solar generated energy for every #MyButterflyEffect post captured on social media. All in the name for a smaller carbon footprint and a greener future.

Take part in our contest

That’s not all! In line with EXPO 2017, all Malaysians and Kazakhs stand a chance to win 2 all-expenses paid trips to Astana, Kazakhstan respectively. It’s a great opportunity to witness the future of green energy first hand at EXPO in a global setting.

For all Malaysian and Kazakhstan participants, the contest ends on 31 July. Please note that Malaysian entries need to be posted in English while Kazakh entries need to be in the native language of Kazakhstan.

Not from either country? Don’t worry, you can still take part in the #MyButterflyEffect campaign with your post equalling 1 watt! This campaign will end on 10 September.

How can I get started?

Start posting now! You just need to share your Green Growth inspirations on social media with the hashtag #MyButterflyEffect. That all-expenses paid trip to Astana could be yours, from a single post!

For more information on the contest, read the FAQs below:

1. How do I join the contest?

To be considered an entry, ensure that your submission contains #MyButterflyEffect. The hashtag functions as a tracking tool for the submissions.

2. What should be included in my submission?

Your submission must contain a green growth story to inspire and create awareness on the positive future impacts of going green* or an image that you think will inspire or create awareness about green future.

* Going green - To pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

3. What do you mean by a green growth story and ‘what’s your #Wattif? Do you have examples?

Example A:

“#Wattif we all brought our own recyclable grocery bags when we go grocery shopping to avoid wasting plastic. #MyButterflyEffect ..” 

Example B:

“#Wattif by changing our mindset and thinking green, we become more aware of our relationship with the world and the impacts of our daily actions. Thinking green leads to acting green. We need to take action steps to make environmental responsibility a reality. #MyButterflyEffect..”

4. How do I submit my application?

Submissions can be done via Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter as long as it is accompanied by the designated hashtags for tracking and validation purposes. A direct submission via email can also be done at inspire@greenfuturemalaysia.com.

Social media accounts need to be set to public in order to access and validate.

5. Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes, you are allowed to submit more than one entry.

6. Who can participate in this contest?

The contest is only open to Malaysians and Kazakhs.

Please note entries from Kazakhstan are required to be in Kazakh language.

In line with the 1 Post = 1 Watt pledge, Malaysia is pledging to add one watt of solar generation for every one social media post that inspires Green Growth and welcomes global participation.

7. How are the winners selected? And how many winners will be selected?

Entries will be judged based on the content. Criterias such as inspiration, creativity, and knowledge will be considered. Two winners from each country (Malaysia & Kazakhstan) will be selected from this contest*.

* Winners will be selected at the sole discretion of GreenTech Malaysia.

8. When does the contest start and end?

Contest period is from 30 March 2017 and ends at 5pm on 31th July 2017, for Malaysians and Kazakhs.

9. What do I receive if I win the contest?

An all-expense* paid trip to EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

* All expense – Economy class flight tickets and lodging.

10. When will the winner be announced? And how will they be contacted?

Winners will be announced within one week after contest ends (31 July). Winners will be contacted via their platform of submission i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email. Upon contact, winners will be given 7 days to respond otherwise considered forfeited and the runner-up will be considered. Upon contact, winners will need to provide proof of identity.

Please be advised that the terms and conditions of the contest are subject to change at the sole discretion of GreenTech Malaysia.